Where is Canon 1DX made?

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Bait and switch liars is the problem!

Dear Kaoma,

you are now quite near to being scammed, or bait-and-switched (check the link if you don't know the meaning of the word). The quote that confirms this is:

At that store in NJ the camera is $1000 less, body only without ANY other things, would get it but not from China. If you have any questions or lneed store ocation PM me.

This is a classical way scammers "sell cameras". If you try to really order it, they will persuade you to buy "extra accessories", and "Japan-made camera" with "full warranty" and charger etc, and these are, surprise surprise, not cheap at all. If you insist on buying the cheaper camera, they will suddenly "not have stock" and finally refuse to sell you it. Because there is no "Chinese camera".

The scammers have already lied to you about a "China-made" 1DX (such a thing doesn't exist). Don't think for a second they wouldn't lie about anything and everything else to get your money. This discussion has been gone through literally hundreds of times on these forums, and it always goes the same way. You didn't disclose the name of this fine company, but I strongly suggest you to check it at Reseller Ratings.

Kind regars,
- Henrik

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