canon 6d vs nikon d600

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Re: canon 6d vs nikon d600

mojorisn wrote:

ultimitsu wrote:

D600's oil issue is pretty much all gone, people who have been buying them for the last few month have not reported many oil spots.

Hahahaha!!! And there is also swamp land in Florida for you to buy along with the D600.

Um, define "pretty much". see "Sensor Residue"


D600 come out in Sept, lots of the early batches had this issue. I made a thread a month ago asking if there is a D600 without this issue, got over 100 replies (arguing both side) in a week. then no more replies in three weeks. I have been checking Nikon forum and news every day and it seems that newer D600 sold have less and less reports of oil spots.

The time lapse is a D600 bought in early Nov, the DPR review's D600 was one of the early batches too, they do not negate my observation.

I do however acknowledge my bad choice of words, I should have said last few weeks instead of month

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