Finally found a solution to Syncronizing Lightroom between Home and Work PC!

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Re: It's for sharing files w/others, too

Give Cubby a try!

Note: I use both Dropbox and Cubby, for different purposes. Dropbox, just by virtue of being around longer has support in things like iOS and Android apps, whereas Cubby just has their own app for accessing cloud based storage.

Dropbox: only sync with what's designated as your "Dropbox" folder and selective sync within that. All items go to the cloud.

Cubby: designate ANY folder a cubby (folder to sync), and do so with multiple folders anywhere on your drive(s). You can designate a folder to do a cloud sync, thus taking away from the quota, and sync with other computers via the cloud. Alternatively, you can do direct sync, which cuts out the cloud storage altogether and syncs directly between two, or more, computers. Direct sync is the real power in Cubby. Sync with another computer half way across the world, as long as both are turned on, and you incur no hit to cloud storage. Cool stuff! For now, direct sync is in the free product. Once they go live with paid accounts direct sync will be in the paid product. Right now, the pricing starts off at $3.99/mo for 100GB of cloud storage, which is dirt cheap.

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