Is Microsoft Even Listening about Windows 8?

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Re: quick launch bar

dmartin92 wrote:

I actually think in certain important ways it is better than the old way.

When the user wants to start a new application with using mouse:

The old way: press the start button (or press win key on the keybvoard); navigate to the programs list either by hovering over the link (which means more time spent); then find the program folder in the listwhich sometimes means having to slide the bar up and down among the tiny little icons and words; then click again the folder of the program to open it and then click again once more to activate the program.

Metro way: either move the mouse to the lower left corner of the screen or press win button, click on the tile of the application. It starts running.

That is why, vast majority of users had/have icons on their desktop to activate and run programs because using the old start menu/button was/is inconvenient.

Metro way is faster and more convenient and wins hands down over the old way to the extent that I have no shortcut on my desktop. Using start menu in the old way even on my 20" monitor, I still had to look closely to find the program folder/application in the list. The problem was the old start menu was a small windows in the lower right side of the screen.

But why are you talking so much about the Start button, when you're later saying that the vast majority of users had/have icons on their desktop to activate and run programs ?

Actually, I use a lot the "quick launch" bar at the bottom, for the three or four, or five programs I use the most.

Then there's the desktop, then there is, as a last resort, the Start button lists.

If this is the case, and you rarely ever used the start button, then why is it's inclusion/exclusion the line you choose between Windows 8 being tolerable/intolerable?

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