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Re: Don't you guys get it?

Press Correspondent wrote:

Indeed. But then again we can't kiss every butt either.

No one is asking anyone to kiss butt. if you see an thread that you do not like, or is not interested, just say nothing, it cost you zero effort to do.

There is a certain culture on this forum. Most people are nice, but some like "pixel me" call others "idiots" in every post.

discussions and debates can get personal, that much we all accept, people who engage in such mutual hostility generally understand and accept that is what they get. But existence of that type of exchanges is no excuse for people to bash naive and innocent threads such as this one.

If the OP is such a delicate flower to be offended by a "hoax" comment after posting a silly question, then perhaps she is right that a public firum may be too much for her to take.

This proposition is exactly what is wrong with this forum. OP should not have to put up with the attacks seen in this thread just because the question was deemed "silly". Furthermore, what may appear silly to a forum veteran is not necessarily silly to others. For someone who have not bought a DSLR for 8 years and who clearly have some money to spend, not knowing if her next upgrade should a low end or high end camera is completely normal.

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