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done this 10 times easy - there isn't a better way, sorry

it's the cost of an upgrade.

Just sitting there installing software takes a few hours.

Then you have to update it.

Or download it and then install it then perhaps update that.
When you install LR or PS or any adobe stuff it wants activated (or de-activated BEFORE you activate it if you've installed it twice). You need the CURRENT serial number -not the one from PS7 that you've upgrade 5 times since then. LR2 s/n won't make 4.3 run.

Go ahead and install photoshop on a new computer. Great.
Got plug ins? You need to install them too.
Got any actions, droplets, brushes? Yep, gotta go get them moved too.
Any fonts beyond what windows comes with? I know I have a lot. Something else to pull off the old machine and make sure it's on and working in the new one.
Got LR? I have the disks for 4.0. But 4.3 is the current one. Install, DL, install.
I have plug ins for LR.
I have presets for LR.
These need to be located on the old system and moved to the new one.
Catalogs too.
NONE of this is automated.
Sure, ghost or something could move EVERYTHING - but do you WANT everything moved over?
Ever install something and decide you're not gonna use it?
I have a wacom on the old computer that i don't use - no need to move it over. new system may run faster with out it so why do it?
The data on the old machine needs backup, complete, before cutting it loose forever. Common sense.
The data on the old is on a RAID system, the new has no raid and a larger HD - data has to be moved. All of it. And then verified.
OR you can restore the backup - but it's no faster and you still have to verify it.
Then you get to run teh new machine and see what you missed - PS opens and your workspace is what? Where you left it or some random startup setting?  It takes time to get things back the way you like them.

New computer - new browser. New email. Bookmarks? Contacts? Plug ins?

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