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Michael Fryd wrote:

I don't believe I said anything about Mac vs. PC. Why do you think "Apple" when someone suggests a quality product combined with support?

it's usually a PC vs Apple world out there. Go into any store and you can buy many brnads of PC or one 'brand' of apple - the support is different how? I was in best buy today...dell, gateway, HP, etc - all the same, aren't they? -If not please explain as apparently the marketing folks are failing to do good job of it themselves.

I merely suggested that low cost systems sometimes end up costing more.

What is 'low cost'? I said costco - ever been in one? I bought one of the higher end systems, custom assembled with lifetime support...that IS higher end from what I've seen.

In this case, the low cost system was defective (bad SATA ports on the motherboard). You may have "free" support for life, yet you ended up diagnosing the problem yourself.

I could have been an 'apple-idiot' and returned it to the store or boxed it up and sent it back to the company and waited....my time, effort and energy to do all those things well exceeds the hour or so I spent to call support (which would have had to be done regardless). You KNOW be they apple or anyone they're going to try and talk you through the problem - as most probs are user error, right?
Now my issue was getting a used, third party piece of hardware to work with their new system- OMG, I OPENED their box!!!!  Yet not an issue, no words of caution that 'you shouldn't have done that' not one hint of 'well, maybe YOU blew the mobo with your modifications' etc.
That is top notch support IMO.  Go buy something third party for your car and call toyotoa or ford and ask why it won't work...good luck with that. And lexus or BMW would be any different, sorry.

I would suggest that a higher end computer is less likely to have a failure, and with better support they would have diagnosed it for you. You shouldn't have had to spend your time fixing this.

People buy computers all the time. Migrating to a new computer is a common task. I have trouble believing that there isn't some program to ease the task of migration.

I"m sure there is- norton ghost is one I've heard of. And for the know-nothing it probably works. I could have moved my data to the C drive and perhaps things would have been all happy. But I know that it would be slower than if the data and programs are on separate drives. It's also better should a drive fail it's unlikely BOTH will fail so you have 1/2 the work to repair things.
Also, when you buy a system today it comes with lots of pre=installed goodies. You want them all? Moving over EVERYTHING means moving over your old virus software when you have new...is this gonna be an issue? Probably.
Windows 8 is NOT Vista - so I'd expect all sorts of issues trying to move over many programs, printers, etc.
this is based on 30 years of using PCs - vista got a very bad rap when it first came out because so many printers and other peripherals would not work with it. I've had that sort of issue in the past - it sucks. I'd like to avoid such issues or at least have them isolated.  I had to get different calibration gear when I moved to Vista as what I had was not compatible or upgradeable to work with it.
Will my DVD buring program burn a bluray disk? Work with a bluray drive? No, I don't know either.
Even if the old stuff would work, do I want to use it? The new computer came with office 2010 - why would I migrate over office 2000 (or whatever antiqueware i'm running...i don't think it's office 98 but may be)

32 vs 64 bit

Nobody bothered to ask if the old machine was 32 or 64 bit, or what issues software may have with that. It is NOT the same. I've got 2 copies of PS on it - because many plug ins do not work on 64 bit photoshop. a few programs only run in 32 bit mode.  This is one of the 'fun facts' I learned when I got the last computer as it was my first 64 bit OS.
Is apple better? I dont' know. I saw threads and discussions about liion and leopard and will this or that work or why won't it work.

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