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Astrophotographer 10 wrote:

Thanks for the suggestions. I got a leather case for my Fuji XE1 and it was fabulous value for money so I look forward to the full Gariz leather case.

I am getting the leather stick on material so the Franiec grip may interfere with that and it also may interfere with the leather case. I'll wait and see how the leather case works before considering the grip but the grip sounds handy.

That carry speed strap looks like a knock off of Black Rapid straps. Perhaps they've improved on the Black Rapid. It looks good.

Thanks for the suggestions. The form factor of the X100 is very appealling. Its so compact and nicely proportioned.

I did a quite comparison shoot yesterday of same scene of XE1 versus RX100. XE1 was slightly sharper but not a lot in it. X100 got great dynamic range and more contrast in the sky which is an area most cameras are poor at.


Greg -

I've had quite a few real genuine leather cases for cameras in my time but the GARIZ is quite superbly one I've EVER had of this type.  But it is such a superb fit that NO WAY would you get the case on camera if you had a Franeic grip...personally I don't like the Franeic..if you can't hold a camera then my view is that you should not have that camera. With the Leather Decoration on it..that alone will give an incredibly better feel when you hold the camera.  The leather also is super quality.. it's only "thin" but it's quite strong... and again although it IS thin..the GARIZ is so well made to fit , that it even feels just a tiny bit 'tighter' to put on camera with the leatrher on.. but the two make a really excellent add-on for the RX-100... you should love it as much as I do...

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