On my second D600: Broken diopter adjustment

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Re: On my second D600: Broken diopter adjustment

kevm14 wrote:

Well I'm pretty bummed out at the moment. Been years since I've posted here and I regret the circumstances (I'm from the D70s and D1H forums).

I ordered a D600 kit from Amazon last week and upon putting the camera to my face I immediately knew a diopter adjustment needed to be made (blurry). So I turned the knob. It clicked, but nothing at all happened in the viewfinder. I did some research and found a fellow on Amazon who had the same problem. I then called Nikon tech support who told me they hadn't heard of it. I returned the camera to Amazon.

Earlier this week I re-ordered from Adorama, thinking if this was going to be a problem, I'd rather have it on order through a real photo supply store. I got my new D600 kit today. I put the camera to my face and initially breathed a sigh of relief: the viewfinder was almost clear right off the bat. Then I tried the wheel. Oh no!! Still does nothing at all. It clicks, it hits the stops at the + and - limits but it does NOTHING. My D70s and D1H offer a huge adjustment range (goes from full blurry to clear to blurry, across the range), so it's not me.

So I will exchange this body through Adorama, which will put me on my third body. I called Nikon tech support this evening for a second time and formally logged the issue with a ticket. The tech thanked me for taking the time to inform them of my issue (I waited 25 minutes on hold for this) and said this will be elevated for investigation. I gave him the serial number of this body, but neglected to record the serial number of the first body.

After all that: has anyone else had this problem, or can you guys try your diopter wheel and tell me what happens?

This is still the early days for the D600 so I understand teething issues.

On a side note, the performance from this camera completely blows me away. I am totally impressed. But I expect a functioning dioptric adjustment...

Yep - same thing happened to me. My order was from Amazon about 2 weeks ago.  Broken diopter adjustment. But I do believe the camera was used. It had already been set for Los Angeles, etc.....

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