Linux 64-bit ready for prime time?

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Re: Linux 64-bit ready for prime time?

Recently a thread was posted on comparing RAW converters, and I don't think Adobe showed any better than Corel.

PhotoNet turned in the Pop Photo of the internet world a long time aqo, and you can always find some web-site somewhere showing that some competitor is better than Illustrator, LR or PS while actual professionals in each media laugh it off.

Most of the layer actions I custom made in CS5 simply do not transpose in Gimp. When I tried to emulate them in Gimp I get nameless error messages after nameless error messages. Then again I have a job that doesn't involve a polyester hat and can actually buy software that actually works and isn't supported by non-paid "professionals".

I love the vector handling of Corel, and have been using this app over Illustrator for over 15 years. I simply like the interface better, although I admit Corel is crude compared to what my friends are doing in Adobe Suite. As a general courtesy I don't tell them how to do their job and why Linux is superior cuz' it's got free apps.

For the record, I spend a lot of time in Corporate data centers and statistically they are about 60% windows based.

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