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Actually, Costco does a good job. You just gotta know how to use the fact that they profile and make their ICC profiles available. Go to DryCreekPhoto and learn the steps necessary.

Thank you for your comments. I went to the DryCreekPhoto site and did some other on line searches. I went back to my Costco photo account to see what my default settings are. As it turns out I had the "do not auto correct" box checked. At some point I checked that box in my default profile. I believe that was a big mistake. I sent some new files over to Costco for comparison prints. I think I will now see the old Costco quality return. You are right, they do a pretty good job at least before I started having problems.

Thanks again - your post spurred me on to see why my results had gone from pretty good to not so great.

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You really should have the "do not auto correct" box CHECKED.  You want to download the Costco profile, soft-proof using the profile on a cailbrated monitor, and then just send them the saved sRGB file and the print should come back to you matching your monitor very closely.  Once you have them auto-correct then they can do whatever they feel like, including colors, contrast , brightness, etc.

As an example, I have a landscape that I purposely tinted overall pink and want the print that way.  Once you uncheck the "do not auto correct" box they are most likley going to correct the colors and remove the pink tint that I want!

Bob P.

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