Nex-7 24mm f/1.8 vs RX1 35mm f/2.0

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Re: Nex-7 24mm f/1.8 vs RX1 35mm f/2.0

Nex-7 10-18 rocks for landscapes...RX1 not so great for landscapes...for size the RX1 with Full Frame is smaller than Nex-7 with equivalent lens...I would take the RX1 on a family outing to dinner, but not a Nex-7 and 24mm f/1.8 due to size...Nex-7 jpegs ISO 1600 are really starting to show a lot of noise and I'm with Danny, ISO 800 or less on a Nex-7 for me...ISO 3200 on the RX1 jpegs dependant upon lighting...

Two great cameras in their own rite...both cameras are a joy to use once you really adhere to/except the idea that if you are going to use a Sony NEX or RX system you will/must/shall use Focus Peaking for accurate focus...Sony's AF is poorly implemented, inaccurate, and slow at best...thats the reason everyone goes to MF Prime lens from other manufacturers, they realize that the Sony AF is so poor and inaccurate, but Focus Peaking is excellent, hence soooo many folks love the non Sony branded lens on their Nex System...sad but true...and yes, I use Focus Peaking 95% of the time due to inaccurate AF...even on the RX100 as well...

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