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Re: There seems to be no video performance interest of cameras in this forum...

I think you mis-understand me. The people who are interested and more importantly know about video capabilities or about film making don't usually hang out here on this forum. So regardless of what I want or what you want - no one knowledgable is going to discuss those things here.

Try these places instead:

Theodoros Fotometria wrote:

Canadianguy wrote:

Daniel is correct, you are in the wrong forum. This is generally a gear forum for photographers.

The video guys don't generally hang out here - too many photographers talking about gear here

Theodoros Fotometria wrote:

Daniel Lauring wrote:

There are other forums more focussed on video than dpreview. dpreview tends more toward photography.

There is no such rule, is there? That is only a tradition coming from the past when video capability didn't exist on DSLRs... OTOH the two (cinema and video) bare a lot in common and are aesthetically related... For pros, absence or inability to provide one of the aspects is a serious handicap, ...most important, for photo enthusiasts and artists, cinema is traditionally a great inspiration, photography of a film is crucial for its aesthetics and cinematographers are much into photography too... So it works both ways.


1. You don't have to participate on a discussion if you don't like it.

2. I suggest you propose to DPR to change the title of the forum to "FX gear restricted to photography only" ....personally, I bought my D800s and lenses to use them at the full of their potential, offerings and capabilities. ...HDMI output too!!!

I also suggest to ask DPR to prohibit posts that demand 60p or 4k video from their future DSLRs or predictions of...


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