FTP 36mp files.

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Re: FTP 36mp files.

RudivanS wrote:

bestairet wrote:

Many talk about 36mp images requiring memory/computer upgrades, lens upgrades.

What about Having to FTP 1000-2000 36mp images from a hotel wi-fi connection many miles from home? Just wondering what those D800 shooters that do this, do.

Bear in mind it takes me 6.5 hours to do this with 12mp files with a good hotel connection.

I feel sorry for those trying to watch their Netflix movie on their laptop in the next room over.

I feel your pain. As you well know the D800 is not a PJ type cam.

One of my current clients require FTP, and even with a D4 jpg's reduced to 75% quality in lightroom, re-sized to 3,500 pixels (for max. 8x10" prints) it takes a long time to send 200 or so files.

Get a second hand D700 body for those FTP jobs?

Sorry, no easy answer

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FTP can be optimized, but it requires some changes on the server and the client hosts.  The TCP receive window should be set to 3x the bandwidth delay product on both ends. I have achieved excellent performance even over BGAN (Commonly used by news agencies and the like) with this configuration.

There are far more elegant solutions for transmitting data over lossy or otherwise challenged mediums. It is possible to do completely unacknowledged transmission regardless of loss using products based on sophisticated math/algorithms.  Digital Fountain (now part of Qualcomm) used to rock at this.

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