Drobo vs. external HD's for back up new 27" iMac?

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Re: Drobo vs. external HD's for back up new 27" iMac?

Mouser wrote:

ichatpatrick wrote:

I've used a Drobo 4-bay for years through Firewire 800, but I've always found it painfully slow and noisy. I'm in the process of upgrading my external hard drive storage now and plan to use the Drobo purely for backup. I'm actually considering moving it to our media closet and hooking it up to the Time Capsule for network backups, but haven't figured out how slow that will be.

Time Machine just ticks away in the background so you shouldn't notice if the backups run a bit slower.

I only use Time Machine for our laptops and the iMac internal drive. IO use Carbon Copy Cloner for our other drives, and run that on every morning. I'm assuming running that to the Drobo directly through Firewire 800 will be faster than through the ethernet cabling, but I'm not sure by what factor. If it only takes twice as long (and still under an hour), it may be worth it just to not have the Drobo noise in my home office.

I've been looking at the Western Digital My Studio 4TB USB 3 external, as well as the Western Digital Thunderbolt Duo (which are a bit more expensive). I'm storing the video files from my iTunes library, 10 years of Aperture libraries, and unedited home video managed through iMovie. I assume the Thunderbolt drive will be faster, but haven't determined if it will be enough of a speed increase for my needs to justify the additional cost.

Performance is one thing, but the two solutions are also quite different in that the Duo offers two drives (which can be striped or mirrored) and they can be easily popped out and replaced.

If I buy the Duo, I would likely operate striped, since I'm backing up everything anyway to the Drobo.  I also took a look at the 4TB G-drive at the Apple Store this morning (with USB 3 and Firewire) which is also under consideration.

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