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Re: xz-1 owner wanting dslr recommendation

Very good to know. I wasn't understanding that I'd just get the same blur, but perfectly exposed. a great way to put it. so, assuming I want a faster zoom than the 3.5, does anyone have a recommendation? I was looking at a lens that was 18 to 105 in the 400 range, but I know even less about lenses than I know about cameras in general. also, I'm kind of stuck with Nikon or Canon (which is why I was thinking the 5100) since we don't have many stores around here and I'd rather not purchase online.

the reason I'm hesitating on the purchase of this zoom is that it's expensive and she's already almost at the point of understanding "posing" for the camera, so I might not need it much more than a few months. Since the oly is doing decently well much of the time, I just want one that will do better for me in the long run in terms of versatility or informal portraits.

baxters wrote:

I've come from the other path, migrating down from smaller DSLRs and into Olympus M43 and XZ1.

First, as you have found out, shooting candids of active kids indoors is one of the hardest tasks in photography, requiring good technique with slow gear or really fast gear. Talking gear instead ....

With your Nikon and standard zoom lens, you will have the same problems as the XZ1, except the shutter will fire sooner to get a perfectly exposed blur. You will want a faster lens to allow a faster shutter . I don't know the quality, but they do offer a 50mm F1.8 for $125 (Adorama). Drawback is that it's a longer focal length, like using 16mm on the XZ1, so you shots will be tight. However, with good technique, you can stop a running kid indoors w/o a flash. So expand your budget beyond the initial cost of the camera to include a fast lens. Fast zooms, by the way . will be as much as the camera.

Lots of culture shock going to a DSLR. I've known several people who finally realized their dream of a sleek, big, fast camera and then they left them at home. Myself, I don't mind a DSLR (or two) on my shoulder, but have found it's easier and more fun to carry a mirrorless guy like an M43 or NEX. You might consider the latest gear in this category. Only drawback is there are no $150 fast lenses for an Olympus PEN, Panasonic GF3, or Sony NEX. More like $500 and up.

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