Backyard Birding with the SX50

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Re: Backyard Birding with the SX50

MurryG wrote:
Wonderful photos and gallery Kenn! A few questions if you don't mind:
1. Where are you located that you have such a great variety?
2. Are you feeding the backyard birds?
3. Are you shooting RAW or JPGs?
4. Do you have a favorite SX50 setting for these shots?

Mark B. wrote:
Very nice! What focal length were you at?

OpticGlass wrote:
Those are beautiful!
Is it me, or perhaps a different PP. With the SX40SH, the feather detail looks better...
It looks to me like the SX50HS images are softer and the SX40HS are sharper. Could also be a different ISO/FL.

Monicakm wrote:
Ken, I wish you'd leave the EXIF intact so we could learn from your excellent examples. Are you using any kind of extra lenses? It's hard to know if one can expect these results if we don't know if you're using additional lenses. I'm sure you pp and I have no problem with that at all. Your photos are excellent. I wish we had interesting birds around here.

fck wrote:
Excellent as always. Thanks for posting. As a matter of interest which metering mode do you generallly use for your bird shots?

Steen Bay wrote:
Kenn answered some of the questions in his last thread :
..and you can find more answers in other threads (easy to find in his profile).
Thanks Steen, and to all who commented.

First I would apologize again that our posted photos do not include embedded exif data. I do not intentionally remove it... All our images are processed in an ancient version of Photoshop which does not preserve exif data in the finished files. Recent SX50 sample exif is included in the thread noted in Steen's reply above.

All the shots in this set were shot hand-held in Manual mode, at or near maximum focal lengths and without any auxiliary lenses or filters, as Superfine jpegs. We use spot metering only as a guide to setting manual exposures... because no auto-exposure algorithm in any mode or camera reliably produces the desired exposure [imo].

Differences in shooting conditions eg: lighting, distances, focal lengths, ISOs and various other settings from any of our shots to the next make image quality comparisons of the cameras/lenses we used pretty non-linear. Making such determinations requires much more controlled tests I think. But we are very pleased with the results we're getting from the SX50.

A bookmark list of previous posts with further info on all our cameras and methods (including post-processing techniques) can be found here:

And for any who are interested in birding and backyard bird photography specifically, we hope you'll visit us at the blog:

Backyard Birding with Kenn and Temple [Attracting, Caring for, and Photographing Birds and Backyard Wildlife]

Thanks again and good shooting everybody.


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Kenn & Temple - Backyard Birders in St.Louis, MO USA [Backyard Birding with Kenn & Temple]

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