Anyone move from a D300 to a D600 or D800?

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Re: Anyone move from a D300 to a D600 or D800?

rgolub wrote:

- The pixel density between the D800 and the D300 is pretty close, so you don't lose the 'reach' of the DX sensor.

Actually, no. The pixel density of the D800 is close to the D7000, more than the D300.

- The D800's AF is a bit better than the D300's (which was pretty darn good).

It is considerably better and faster than the D300s, but yes, it was also very good.

- The D800's high ISO capabilities are 3 -4 stops better than the D300. That alone might be worth the price of admission.

- The video is better on the D800 (if that means anything to you).

The D300 had no video at all. It got introduced in the D300s, but it was just a joke.

- The D300 has a higher frame rate. Not sure how important that is to you.

Yes, frame rate is less, but in DX mode it is 5fps, so it is not that far from the D300, which has only 6fps without grip. The D800 has also a 1.2x crop mode which also has 5fps.

- The 800 has a brighter viewfinder.

Not sure about this at all.

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