good dslr that has a fast lens?

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Re: good dslr that has a fast lens?


Yes, I am getting some very good shots with the Oly--it's great actually, but I'm still missing a lot of shots and was looking for an upgrade. Everyone is right about anticipation--I can anticipate my subject well, but the Oly has a bit of delay between the time I press the shutter and it actually takes the photo. I was looking for a more immediate response and when I was shopping before people here were saying that the dslrs were the way to go for that. The oly is also quite good inside as well. nearly good enough for my needs--i'm NO professional--but just wanted a step up. If no one here things that the nikon 5100 or the like is better than the oly, I will heed that advice. I just thought some people here might be able to let me know if I might actually be going up a step with a dslr or not.


leno wrote:

If you can't get a good photo with the Oly XZ-1 then there is no guarantee you can get a good one with an SLR. In a word technique counts for so much and the hardware is only a tool. The art with kids is antisipation unless you want to try a Nikon J1 with its constant capture. What setting are you using on your current camera there are many options to try. I only say this to stop you perhaps buying something that might not be the answer. SLRs take effort to get results and a lot of technique is to be learnt. Last word beware of people saying things like the ones you quoted on the d3100, I say the moon is made of cheese but that does not make it true.

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