Frames Per second and image stabilization.

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Re: Frames Per second and image stabilization.

I give in, you're right this is silly and a right blurry mess...

1/160 @ 250mm Handheld with IS

Bjorn_L wrote:

Don Daugherty wrote:

I use both quite frequently.

1) 70-200 and 100-400 with motorsports. I use both for high speed panning. IS is absolutely crucial here since I'm regularly shooting outside of the reciprocal rule.

2) Handheld macro with 100L IS. And again, absolutely crucial here.

I can think of more scenarios, but those two are pretty much the bulk of my use of continuous mode and IS.

You're mistaken, IS has no impact on either type of shooting.

On Macro it is useless at 1:1 or even very close. A tripod works, but this has nothing to do with the actual topic or the follow up. A complete redherring. Unless you are shooting maximum FPS in macro which seems unlikely since those who do that know they need a trap/trigger + tripod.

For motor sports it is even sillier to use IS. If you need a fast enough shutter speed so that you can freeze a car motion then you will have to wiggle the camera rather insanely fast to the point of it falling apart before IS would help that. The only scenario which makes sense is if you are shooting fast moving stuff with such a low shutter speed that they are all a blurry mess. Even for panning you are going to be on a monopod and still have good shutter speed to get good results. I shoot panning shots with some regularity but do not bother with IS/VR. Again this does not seem to on topic because are you claiming to shoot max FPS, while panning while using an artificially low shutter speed?

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