Frames Per second and image stabilization.

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Re: Frames Per second and image stabilization.

I love my IS Macro.  I bought it specifically because I love macro photography but don't always have a tripod with me.  IS + AI Servo allows me to get macro shots I could never have gotten.  The 100L IS is just absolutely amazing.


Hugowolf wrote:

Bjorn_L wrote:

Don Daugherty wrote:

I use both quite frequently.

1) 70-200 and 100-400 with motorsports. I use both for high speed panning. IS is absolutely crucial here since I'm regularly shooting outside of the reciprocal rule.

2) Handheld macro with 100L IS. And again, absolutely crucial here.

I can think of more scenarios, but those two are pretty much the bulk of my use of continuous mode and IS.

You're mistaken, IS has no impact on either type of shooting.

Then why would many Canon telephoto lenses have an IS mode for panning?

On Macro it is useless at 1:1 or even very close.

And again, there are two Canon macro lenses where the IS was specifically designed for close to 1:1 work. the 100 mm f/2.8 IS L is an example. You don't get the full four stops worth, but at least one or two.

Brian A

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