Anyone move from a D300 to a D600 or D800?

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Kelly M Jones Contributing Member • Posts: 719
Re: Anyone move from a D300 to a D600 or D800?

BWhite wrote:

rgolub wrote:

- The pixel density between the D800 and the D300 is pretty close, so you don't lose the 'reach' of the DX sensor.


I thought it was the size of the sensor (FF) not the pixel density that determined whether or not you'd lose the "reach" of DX?

I believe what he's trying to say is that if you crop a D800 image down to the size of a D300 you're not losing the reach of the D300. In other words, if you had shot the same image from the same distance with the same lens at the same focal length with the D300, the cropped D800 image would not lose resolution compared to the D300 image.

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