WHY would you purchase a FULL FRAME Pentax? (In point format)

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Re: WHY would you purchase a FULL FRAME Pentax? (In point format)

hikenhi wrote:

I use my Pentax DSLRs for mostly outdoor conditions where I'm traveling over great distances on foot and over rugged terrain. Most of my "outdoor" shooting needs don't require that supper high ISO performance that full frame offers you. The thing that really suites my needs best about Pentax APS-C format is the 1.5x focal factor that allows me to save a tremendous amount of weight and bulk ...

Those are great images, and great too as a record of what a good APS-C cam can achieve in the right hands. I right in line with your approach. The K5 and Pentax lenses are as big as I want to go at the moment and there would have to be compelling reasons to switch away since a comparable alternative would almost certainly not have the build and image quality in a small package Pentax give, at least at a comparable price.

If Pentax in 2013 can do for an 18-24mp crop sensor what they've managed with the Sony 16mp one and with the same quality package around it, then I think I will be fixed for a long time. They do need a new-gen flagship cam, I think. The only thing which would tempt me away would be a build quality/image breakthrough in the mirrorless sector, on size/weight grounds.

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