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ISO and stuff

CollBaxter wrote:

RoelHendrickx wrote:

Practical thinking (as per usual).

A cool look on cameras as tools and toys (not an end but a means).

Humour (as per usual).

Welcome back mate....

Thanks for the response Roel. I bit of a break is what I needed I am physically exhausted but I have started looking at cameras and pictures for what they are worth.

The Pro at my daughters wedding is a family friend (Daughters friend) who we have know for the last 15 years . She was very interested in my equipment. I did the Photo Booth with the E-30 and 18-180 and the new set of lights I purchased. They sort of came out OK . That I know about studio Lighting can be written on a matchbox so there where lots of screw ups. She was using a5DMKIII and a 7D , With a 70-200 f/2.8 and a 24-70. Impressive stuff but I thought my Olympus stuff covered the whole range and are Optical Equals. I just needed a body that I could use in low light.

Those Canon lens-body matches are of course extremely capable.

(I would not think you would entrust your daughter's wedding pictures to anyone showing up with less than really really pro gear...)

But I have shot a wedding with E-5, E-3 and E-M5 with a bunch of lenses, and I did manage to get through the day without being struck by lightning.

Hopefully this new camera Could bring back a bit of parity in this ISO department.

The parity is already there (well, maybe not totally but almost), in the E-M5.

Did you ever notice this ZD70-300 portrait at ISO 3200 that I posted on µFT Forum :

I really don't need any better ISO3200 and I seldom have use for ISO over that value.

Well we live in hope as always.

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