Ban violent games too?

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Parents do not know how to raise their kids.

Yes, but it goes deeper than that - parents are acctively stopped from proper discipline.

It's all naughty steps and wanky time-out rooms now - 30 years ago it was a clip around the ear or a good belt from your dad..

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Proper discipline is a debatable idea. I don't think not being able to physically discipline your kids is the real problem here. I think it is that the parents themselves are barley educated and of "average" intelligence, and they look at their phones all day, and are too busy with "real" life (work) to be with their kids, compound that with parents not being around for their kids. Add in how people are not taught how to live a regular life in school, how no emphasis is placed on maturity, responsibility, etc...

True, yes, for the current generation of 20s with kids.

But then it is because their parents were stopped from using proper discipline.

And lets be clear here - I'm not talking about child abuse.. i'm talking about the properly administered use of punishment.

Back when i was a kid, 30 years ago, the local copper would catch you and take you out the back, show you the cells, give you a solid clip around the ear and say something about "an over-the-weekend stay in one of these next time".

MOST of us didn't go wrong again.. sometimes for good, sometimes for that year.. some did - there will always be some off-the-rails

Again, same time, I bad mouthed someone on the 'phone. When my dad found out about I got a belting, 6 straps across my arrse.. it HURT (did no damage, but hurt).

I never did it again - the belt and his disgust with me was enough.


Now it's, like I said, time-out rooms filled with toys.. Moron parents bringing up moron kids..

We have never had contraceptive SO easy to get, FFS they are in supermarkets!
So why are there so many children (and 14-18 is a child, even if in mentality only) getting spunked-up-pregnant..

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I don't care enough about you to put a sig. here.

You make some good points, but I think that the best reason you turned out well was not because your dad belted you, but because you had a strong family and you actually respected your father. I have no problem with a few spanks here and there, if a parent is a good parent. BUt it makes me sick when I am Target or any store, and I see parents ignore their children. Then the child makes a fuss, and the parent spanks them. The parents just suck at parenting, no respect, from the kid but really from the parent to the kid, the kid can't learn anything when the parents teaches nothing.

There are too many kids (and 18-23 can be a child) because they have no reason not to get pregnant. The parents never taught them anything, and the government gives out so much free money, so why not have a kid, it is horrible.

My GF and I are lucky, we are not stupid, and we are careful, but I have bought Plan B twice in over three years, I am glad for the availability of Birth Control.

And yeah I would like to see more police, or authority having a presence in the lives of children. It seems like police used to be regular people who did a job, they were part of a community, but (no disrespect to police, it is a hell of a job and I do not feel qualified to do it) the police in my area all seem like jerks, they wont just talk to regular citizens. And I see five of them taking breakfast and lunch together for an hour. And I wonder, who is watching the streets.

One morning I am leaving for work/breakfast, and this cop who was right by my home pulls out from the middle of the road and takes off way faster than the speed limit, they were doing 60+ on a road that is 45. I see the same cop with 4 other cops at the Chick fil a when I get there 10 minutes later. Anyway I digress, society is not well and it is not going to get better soon.

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