Just wondering if anyone here bought a D600?

Started Dec 21, 2012 | Discussions thread
petreluk Contributing Member • Posts: 993
Re: Just wondering if anyone here bought a D600?

I nearly bought one but steered away when it became clear that building it down to a price had produced too many compromises for me, and then the troubles with dust or oil continually spattering the sensor started to emerge and I know that hassle would have driven me mad. Not acceptable on any modern DSLR, out of order, Q&A fail. If I really wanted an FF, which I don't particularly, I would go for the D800 or the 5D Mk III.

For all that, the D600 strikes me as a nice camera with excellent image quality and very keenly priced, if you are prepared to live with its compromises (and, maybe, the dust or oil issues will fade with use or be fixed). Many of the objections to it I've read are the purest snobbery and fanboi ravings. It has capabilities even the most top-end cameras could only dream of a few years ago. Chances are Nikon will learn from this episode and come back in a year or so with a revised and beefier-specced D600 Mk II which could be tops.

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