LR (W7) to Pro9500 dilemma

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Re: He's using OEM profiles...

vwcrusher wrote:

Petruska wrote:

he only has the CM Display to calibrate the monitor only.

Bob P.

This is true - so I assumed that trial and error will have to suffice......unless I am again missing something....

So why should THAT keep you from calibrating your monitor again?

Once that's done what would keep you from using an OEM Paer / Ink and ICC profile from Canon FOR th 9500MKII?

Armed with that you should be getting near perfect prints.

Remeber the MOST importand Factor

When you display that price image onyour wall and people are admiring it,,, I bet you a million dollars NO ONE except one of US Dpreview Printing Geeks will ask you, " Yeah but does it look identical to what you saw in your monitor?"

Don't loose any sleep over this. Just get it as close as you can. You NEVER WILL!!!! But you can always get close.

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