A breather and Perspective ( A bit OT )

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Craig from Nevada
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Re: A breather and Perspective ( A bit OT )

CollBaxter wrote:

CYou are willing to wait to see the offering before jumping ship.

Thanks for the reply Craig . I suppose a lot of us have been saying that Olympus must "carp or get of the pot" well the 'sort' of have. What is needed now is a few more details on what we are going to get 'sort of' . As to your statement of Olympus not abandoning 4/3 lens users I agree it is very positive. What is needed though is an official statement not some translation of a interview with some form a Regional CEO.

I have no intention of leaving Olympus in the short term. But these statements should have come out years ago to retain the 4/3 users.

I actually realty do like my equipment and enjoy using it every day. I just want to continue using it for a while to come and still feel sort of a bit secure.Before any one say's ' on one is secure " , I agree with that point but that is why as much as I like Pentax there is no ways I will buy one.

Hell the world was supposed to end yesterday I did not see any one duping there equipment.

My feeling is that because Olympus is small they have to be vague--particularly in this market.

In the world of OM-D mirrorless, Olympus has an edge over the Canikons of the world.  They stole a march on the big boys with OM-D.  Telling what the next step will be with great specificity allows the big boys to know what is next before next arrives.

Each day OM-D sits on the market without competition, is a day that Olympus has a chance to make money.  It is only a matter of time before the competition starts taking this seriously.

Olympus is trying to put a camera on the market today that the competition might have in 3 years time.  They can't do that with DSLR, but they can with mirrorless.

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