A breather and Perspective ( A bit OT )

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Re: A breather and Perspective ( A bit OT )

Craig from Nevada wrote:

CollBaxter wrote:

Well the so called announcement of NO E-7 and a hybrid will be released actually came as no surprise. What also came as no surprise is how it came out , through an obscure badly translated interview. This seems to be an Olympus style. It looks like one of those companies where you check to see if you name is still on the in / out board every morning when you come to work . As to communications on wonder everyone believed that they had sacks full of cash stashed under someone's bed in the Caymans.

Something must be in the pipeline if this was an official slip. Would you buy a OMD-EM5 now knowing that Olympus has the tech (Possible on chip PADF) to do it in the short term and is building it already. I can tell you now I as sure as hell will not buy a m4/3 camera now (even if I was inclined to ) not until Olympus make an official statement. But then again Olympus statements are sometimes ambiguous. Methinks some think is afoot or someone has prematurely let lose the hounds.

I may be the only person on this site that sees the reasoning with the Olympus approach. Basically, they are telling E-5 owners to hang on. The next camera is coming and don't abandon Olympus. Once a user abandons Olympus, they will have a very difficult time getting them back. For example, there are those among who might be enticed by Pentax.

The OM-D EM-5 simply fits into the market segment occupied by the E-30. It is not the replacement for the E-5. The next camera will be the replacement. Who is going to buy the camera? Current E-5 and E-3 users.

Collin, Olympus is speaking to you. You are willing to wait to see the offering before jumping ship.

Thanks for the reply Craig . I suppose a lot of us have been saying  that Olympus must "carp or get of the pot" well the 'sort' of have.   What is needed now is a few more details on what we are going to get 'sort of' . As to your statement of Olympus not abandoning 4/3 lens users I agree it is very positive. What is needed though is an official statement  not some translation of a interview with some form a Regional CEO.

I have no intention of leaving Olympus in the short term. But these statements should have come out years ago to retain the 4/3 users.

I actually realty do like my equipment and enjoy using it every day. I just want to continue using it for a while to come and still feel sort of a bit  secure.Before any one say's ' on one is secure " , I agree with that point but that is why as much as I like Pentax there is no ways I will buy one.

Hell the world was supposed to end yesterday I did not see any one duping there equipment.

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