Is Microsoft Even Listening about Windows 8?

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Oly Canikon
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Re: Is Microsoft Even Listening .. Have they ever???? The answer is NO!

Sean Nelson wrote:

dmartin92 wrote:

But other people, most people, don't get sucked in so easily, and can see that if you're not running Win 8 on a touch device, then Win 7 is what you want.

I really don't think Windows 8 is a bad choice for a desktop, as long as you're willing to take the extra steps to install a 3rd-party app to make the classic UI the default one.

My beef isn't with Windows 8 itself, it's with the fact that Microsoft is trying to herd everyone over to the touch UI, which I don't think is appropriate for a large monitor controlled by a mouse and keyboard.

Sean, You're absolutely right. It is the feeling of being manipulated that makes people (with a brain) respond so negatively. This reaction that "you're just a luddite who resists change" is for the sheep.

The money right now is in the touch devices so MS has a plan to force all users into using their touch interface to increase market share. Never mind that it's an inconvenience for the non touch users.

Bottom line W8 is fine as long as you do an end run around MS's heavy handed attempt at manipulation.

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