NEX-5N with kit lens vs. Zeiss lens

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Re: NEX-5N with kit lens vs. Zeiss lens

TiagoReil wrote:

For me the zeiss is not worth it cause Im no expert in photography, and probably wont be able to get as much from it as it would be worth it, and also the price is expensive for me (I earn in Pesos, not in Dollars, so 1000 dollars is a lot for me, not impossible, but I have other priorities), but it may not be that expensive for you.

Also seen a couple of pictures wont show you a real big difference, so I doubt you will see value here. If you are asking this, is very probable that for you it wont be a difference, probably you are still learning (as I am). I would recommend that you get the kit, or one of the sigmas (I know, they are not 24mm) or even in the long run, a manual focus lens, and learn to use it, and learn to see through it. When your technic is has grown you will be more able to see if it is worth it for you on your own.

If you are an expert photographer and my comment felt condescending, ignore me. But that is not what I meant with it.

$1000 is not a small charge to anyone but the very rich.  The question is how I am going to spend it

I have at least 2 option that I am considering that would be more useful than that 24mm Zeiss

1. 10-18mm $850

2. Sigma DP1M $1000 full frame IQ but with lots of problem especially low battery life (100 Pics per charge)

To me that zeiss is too expensive and not worth it. A $150 Sigma 19mm may be close in IQ just not as fast

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