Full Frame NEX new SR5 rumor

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Re: Full Frame NEX new SR5 rumor


dmanthree wrote:

losangeles wrote:

Full Frame NEX coming in a year

Good lenses for that system coming in 10 years.

Sony needs to understand that they need more lenses than bodies. OK, I know there are some OK lenses out there, but really, where is the high quality standard zoom? The high quality primes? During the time I had a NEX 5 I loved the sensor and body, but was very constrained by the lack of glass. If Sony is serious about a FF NEX system, they had better start developing lenses now.

There was a lack of lenses during the time of the original 5. This no longer represents the current situation.

And the early adopters for this FF system have already got the FF lenses - they want the camera in order to be able to properly use them!. This gives SONY breathing space and a lot of initial product support while they ramp up production.

But those Alpha lenses will still require a clumsy adapter. There are no FF native mount NEX lenses.

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