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markgv wrote:

I used a K-x and the WR DA 18-135 this summer on an archaeological dig where dust as fine as flour fills the air. The lens stayed cleaned. Even without changing the lens, however, the body got dust in it. The sensor could be cleaned well enough, but my viewfinder is rather speckled.

So, as indicated by that white paper shared by the OP, I shouldn't be surprised at all that dust got into the K-x and should be pleased that dust did not get into the 18-135.

Does a similar standard apply to WR cameras?

I.e., I'm surmising, then, that even a K-30 with the DA 18-135 would only improve my odds of not getting dust in the lens or body. Further, even a DA* with the K-30 might not keep dust out.

Before I go back to an archaeological site, I sure would like a dust proof rig...

Pentax sealed dSLRs are dust tight. This is written twice in writing about the bodies. This is why I posted so there is no implicit words taken into the question of sealing but explicitly (exact words from Pentax) words.

1. "DSLR cameras, compact digital cameras and certain interchangeable lenses have been specifically engineered to include a high level of protection against dust, moisture, rain and cold temperatures."

2. "PENTAX offer a weather, dust and cold proof design to ensure reliable and consistent performance both in inclement weather and in those demanding environmental conditions which would challenge any camera."

Older bodies are also sealed against dust (written by Pentax in older...). So a K10D and DA*200 would keep dust out as it has for years. And for sure as shown by many and written a K30 and DA* lens would keep the dust out.

Pentax says the sealing in WR lens make it hard for water to enter the lens. Pentax says that means its weather resistant from rain, snow, really bad wet weather, but no guarantee against dust.  No more, no less. Of course the seals probably do help prevent dust from entering better than a none sealed lens.

The only none fact I stated above according to pentax is that WR sealed lens probably do resist a more dust than a lens with no sealing. Those are my imo, logic, but not a fact thinking.

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