How would you spend $850?

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Re: How would you spend $850?

Depends on the type of photography but I agree that if you get the extra cash just get the EPL-5 with kit lens and a 20mm for low-light photography.  The AF is not terrible slow for the 20mm.  Heck it seemed faster than the Xe1 that I was trying out at the store.

Here's what I have and what spends the most time on my camera

Panny 20mm f1.7 - 15% of time (much more until I got the 25mm)

Panny  25mm f1.4 - 50% of time (just such a good all purpose, versatile lens but would be above your budget)

Oly 45 f1.8 - 30% of time (somewhat limited but such a great lens I actually like the output more than the 25mm ex the focal length)

Panny 14-140mm - 5% (too slow but nice image stabilization)

But to be fair, I'm mostly taking portraits and indoors so I need low-light capabilities.  If I took a lot of landscapes, I would consider a different set of lenses (and currently trying to figure out between the 12mm and 7-14mm but need the cash first).

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