3rd Party EN-EL15 ?

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Ben Herrmann
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This reply may be a bit too late - but here's a 3rd party battery....

that will work just fine.  If you've checked my posting history over the years (on various forums), I've come to lavishly praise the capabilities of the 3rd party battery maker "Wasabi."  I was turned on to these by a professional event photographer some 5 - 6 years ago - and I've never looked back.

The Wasabi batteries feature "premium Japanese cells," and although the batteries are made in China, they do import the Japanese cells.  Additionally, the Wasabi line of batteries feature a much higher mAH rating than do the OEM batteries to which they replace.  Compare the mAH rating of the Wasabi versions with the mAH rating of the OEM battery you wish to replace - you will be pleasantly surprised.  The end result is that I have discovered that on average, my Wasabi's (for various cameras that I own) tend to last much longer - as much as 50 - 75% longer - than my much more expensive OEM types that came with the cameras.  And I don't say this lightly.

The Wasabi version of the EN-EL-15 is fully coded to work with all Nikon cameras that require this battery.  Here's the link to that battery:


Additionally, the online vendor, "Blue Nook," is one of the most reliable and reputable battery vendors that you can buy (almost like a B&H for batteries).  If you purchase $30 worth of batteries, your shipping is free (make sure to enter code at checkout), and you typically get the batteries in around 3 days or so - they are fast and very conscientious.

But most of all, the Wasabi batteries cost anywhere from 50 - 75% less than the OEM models which they replace.

Again - I would not recommend these batteries if it weren't for the fact that they are so reliable and last so much longer than the OEM versions.

Good luck.....

Have a great one....
Bernd (Ben) W. Herrmann
North Carolina, USA

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