WHY would you purchase a FULL FRAME Pentax? (In point format)

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Re: WHY would you purchase a FULL FRAME Pentax? (In point format)

I wouldn't buy one. Even if Pentax come out with one fairly soon, which I doubt, Nikon or Canon will still offer by far the more comprehensive systems, with the first-generation kinks long worked out, and quite possibly at more attractive prices. That's in part because I don't have a collection of Pentax FF lenses and so would be starting from scratch, or very nearly.

However, I might well buy a Pentax mirrorless FF camera, using a modern new mount with a shorter registration distance, in a few years' time. This depends, however, on whether mirrorless FF turns out to be viable in the marketplace. We don't know this at present, but one or two outfits are bound to try it before very long. There are already rumours that Sony may have ago with an FF NEX. My guess it that it will turn out to be viable if on-sensor AF and EVFs continue to improve and FF sensor prices fall a bit. The traditional OVF DSLR may well become a more and more specialized tool, for a more limited set of buyers, over the next few years. On verra.

In the meantime, if Pentax can continue to extract more performance from APS-C sensors, perhaps moving to a 24mp one fairly soon with no AA filter but with good in-camera moire removal and the kind of performance we currently have with the 16mp sensors, I don't think anyone will be missing out all that much if at all.

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