Full Frame NEX new SR5 rumor

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Re: I hope ?

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That Sony does not make the same mistake on the FF as they did on the NEX 6 (IMHO) and leave out the touch screen.

I use the touch screen on my 5N all the time for studio stuff, it makes focusing very quick and easy !

And I hope if they decide to include a touch screen they'll do it for free. Don't wanna pay for a feature I rarely (if ever) want to use. Different strokes for different folks.

Very true, especially with a FF Nex that will be mainly used with manual glass.... touch screen focusing is a little pointless in that situation. I certainly could live without it!

Touch screen focussing is extremely useful when using manual lenses in a studio situation (on a tripod), or for macro work.

I must have missed something here, I am referring to using manual glass such as Voigtlander & Leica, are you saying that touching the screen would focus these lenses?!? I doubt it.

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