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Re: Whiners shout louder than happy campers ;-)

jim stirling wrote:

tjuster1 wrote:

jim stirling wrote:

Pixnat2 wrote:

The OM-D is a fantastic camera, the first m4/3 camera which rise IQ to the level of APS-C cameras. The GH3, E-PL5,... are follwing that trend, thanks to the new sensor, image processing, super fast AF, etc. All good for m4/3 photographers!

But, as always, there's some dissatisfaction among the crowd, and there always will be (Thank you "Holy Marketing" that keeps our lives in a permanent state of dissatisfaction and gear lust ;-)).

Some complaints are justified, but most are based on personal user preferences. Just make a sort among forum posts, ignore those which are only personal egocentric whinning, and suddenly, the number of negative posts will drop drastically

Have fun with your new camera, happy shooting!

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The E-M5 has been hyped and promoted almost non-stop in the forum since its release , and anyone who dares to "whine" about it will be drowned in a sea of indignant E-M5 fans.


I don't think this is quite true. Yes, there has been much enthusiasm about the IQ, IBIS, etc. But there has also been a persistent hum of complaint about the small size, 'squishy' buttons, and overall user interface (common to all Oly cameras). These were specifically the points the OP addressed.

For every one legitimate complaint/ whine post there are a 100 positive posts and the complainers/whiners typically get short shrift from the majority. Opinions on ergonomics { very much a matter of opinion} are hardly negative or attack posts


Overall, I agree. But reactions to the user interface, size (ergonomics), and buttons have largely been negative. There are, of course, defenders, but even these usually can only come up with "they're not that bad" or "you get used to it".

All this feedback is, of course, useful. Most people seem to find the buttons too soft, the grip a little lacking, and the user interface a little daunting (at least at first). As an owner myself, I concur--the grip is too small (for my hands) and I'd prefer buttons more like on my GX1. At the same time, the overwhelming praise for the camera (there's a thread right now doing just that) also reflects an overwhelming sense of satisfaction with what the camera does well. So instead of thinking of it as 'hype'--which is what you seem to be doing--I take it as an objective measure of what people think. They love the camera, although they have some quibbles. That's a good thing, right?

As to the OPs comments, they are useful because they offer a fresh point of view on some of the negative reactions. Seems silly to argue about how prevalent they are, because they prompted the OP to create the thread in the first place.

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