In consideration of "pedestrian" and "cliche"

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Re: Cropping?

Nice shots! BTW..
- Since I see everything in a " tele" mode, I agree on cropping.
With The second shot, I'd zoom in on the stone house & tree, or go back & work around that area some more.

For The high line, the contrast of colors between the upper & lower areas is cool, & i'd go with that...

- Just my take ; - not ansel Adams here
( & where was the first one taken ; - A very Nice area !!)


Art_P wrote:

I suppose I like to focus on details, so I look a bit closer. Try these crops and see how you like them

second shot: a bit above the stone building, but below the horizon. Possibly a little from the left as well. This eliminates the symmetry

Middle shot: Maybe chop off the top half of the building, concentrate on the contrast between street and track level.

Next to last: just below the nearest streetlight, just to the left of the blue storefront (?) and close to the curb. Basically, I see the square 'tunnel' as the main point of interest and just include a pit of the street for context. To me, including the full height of the buildings dilutes the image.

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Art P
"I am a creature of contrast,
of light and shadow.
I live where the two play together,
I thrive on the conflict"

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