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Re: lens issues (off the main topic)


you have managed to paraphrase 100 per cent what I originally meant.

However for such a FF camera I expect an inherent 3k $ trick AF-system that is on par with shallow dof and resolution. Otherwise both may be meaningless.

I have done a side by side comparison at an Olympus workshop of the OMD (45 1,8) and my D800 (AF-S 85 1.8 G) both with lenses wide open.

Whiile the OMD's contrast detection with face recognition managed to have nearly all shots spot on sharp on the models' eyes (even with full body shots) , the D800 with one focus point struggled. One reasosn for that is, that other than with the E-5 the focus sensors only have one size which is simply to big for that purpose.

Of course DOF was more shallow with the D800 (longer lens), but it is pretty well-known that todays CD-AF is superior over PD-AF with regard to accuracy and more and more also with regard to speed.

Louis_Dobson wrote:

I think what you are faling to grasp is that FF cameras are no more or less accurate in their theoretical focusing abilities than an equal technology four thirds camera. However, you can get shallower DoF from an FF camera, which will enable you to see the problem. The deeper DoF of an FT camera masks the problem.
Of course that deeper DoF only occurs because f=fl/a, not because the camera has some inherent DoF trick.

light_bulb wrote:

Big Ga wrote:

light_bulb wrote:

I am pretty sure this results from missalignment of individual camera lens combos. With FF this can be much worse because of less dof. More dof of FT can mask some of this mess.

Its never 'worse' with FF because all you have to do is stop down and you can 'mask' just as much error as FT if you want.

It is pretty well-known that FF DSLR have often got problems with accuracy of focusing.

If people have such an issue and service staff from Canikon would tell them they could just stop down to mask that they would not be taken serious. However on a forum like this, such nonsense can be written.

For the most of it I use F-stop to create a particular image and would not sacrifice that to mask any technical issues of a 3k $ camera.

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