Is Microsoft Even Listening about Windows 8?

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Re: Is Microsoft Even Listening .. Have they ever???? The answer is NO!

Urbanito wrote:

Great answer, Virtual Mirage. Finally someone with brains and practical sense, to answer the "professional critics" of everything that is either new or comes from Microsoft. Almost the same ones who criticized Windows 7. I think that most of them never touched a Windows 8.

This obsession wit the start button is almost pathological and clearly reveals that they don't have anything else to do ( with some exceptions of really great and knowledgeable ones).

To the one that start this thread: have you consider how ridiculous is your position? Do you really think that Microsoft should listen to you?

Well, as far as criticizing Windows 7, that can't be me. I was running the beta version of Windows 7 for months and months before the actual "for purchase" version was available. And I adored it.

And when the "for purchase" version became available, I spent 300 Euros, right away, to buy the "Ultimate" version of Win 7.

On the other hand, I wonder if some portion of the minority group, that actually likes Win 8 on a desktop machines, would like anything if you told them it was "new technology".

Kind of like fashion freaks that would start wearing clothes pins on their ears if the right bunch of people said that wearing clothespins on their ears was better.

And then they'd even claim that they feel more comfortable when they've got their clothespins on their ears.

But other people, most people, don't get sucked in so easily, and can see that if you're not running Win 8 on a touch device, then Win 7 is what you want.

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