How many here don't want anything done about control of the semi-automatic Bushmaster ?

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Re: How many here don't want anything done about control of the semi-automatic Bushmaster ?

Don_D wrote:

Jim wrote:

Don_D wrote:

Jim wrote:

JoeDaBassPlayer wrote:

A clip is a box with a spring. I never realized how simple it was until I saw a clear plastic AR15 clip on a Ranch Rifle. A high capacity clip is not much of a DIY project.

In the end, it is up to society to identify the potential threats. Almost all murders are committed by those with a violent history. Liberal toalk radio was trying to convince their listeners that this guy in CT had snapped, with no previous signs. Pants on fire. The same goes with their characterizations of an AR15 as a canon. Farmers buy these and similar firearms as varmint guns. It is light, easy to handle and accurate.

In addition, many ex-servicemen and women already have experience with the M-16 (it's military sibling). Regarding those who commit these crimes, they may not have a violent history but just about all either have that or have a history of mental illness.

Adam Lanza was neither violent nor mentally ill. He was a loner who played video games.

C'mon Don. The boy was obviously off his rocker. He whacks his mother and then proceeds to the school and shoots up children. Hardly the signature trait of normalcy. I'll give you a mulligan on that's Christmas.

Thanks for the mulligan...I stand corrected as he obviously snapped and went berserk.

However, what I intended to say was that before he snapped it would have been difficult to single him out. To my knowledge he was never classified as mentally ill and had no record of violent acts.

Easy to say he was crazy after the fact....near impossible to say it before....hundreds of thousands like him who will live peaceful lives.

Very true. Wayne LaPierre (head of the NRA) went on television and made a good case for why there seems to be a societal change. He basically stated that people these days get a steady dose of violence in films and especially in video games that desensitizes them to killing and causing harm. I think he's right. So it comes down to constitutional first amendment rights and second amendment rights and finding a place where there's a balance. We're sure not there now.

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