Forum named wrong, should be the anti-US not just OT

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Re: Forum named wrong, should be the anti-US not just OT

What is interesting is the impact of the internet.

Some countries attempt to impose an electronic firewall around their borders, as they don't like the free flow if information and alternative opinions that comes from the outside world.

The fact that this free exchange of views is just as disturbing to (some) people in the US as it is to (some) people in what we would regard as more oppressive regimes, only serves to underline that things are pretty much the same  the world over.

Many seem to want to stick their fingers in their ears and go "not listening, not listening ..." to the rest of the world. But frankly, the rapid and world-wide communications of the internet is changing that.

The world is now a very small place. There are no outsiders. There are very few purely local issues either, since economics, trade and environmental issues affect us all, regardless of where we happen to live.


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