XE-1 Owners: Is X100 "Mac Bug" Still Present?

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Re: XE-1 Owners: Is X100 "Mac Bug" Still Present?

Charlesn wrote:

kwa_photo wrote:

I do have the issue with my X10 and X100 and X-S1. No matter the card speed or brand. I have not tried the lock trick, I'll see what it does.

Locking the card definitely works. Here's why: the Mac OS supposedly writes invisible files to the SD card, even if you're doing nothing more than downloading the image files to your computer. These files then slow down the X100 at startup. The more times you access the card on your Mac without reformatting, the more files get written to it, and the slower the X100 becomes at startup.

Locking the card will still allow you to download files to your Mac, but nothing can be written to it. I've never had a slowdown issue when I remember to lock the card.

The invisible files are fact, but I suspect it may have to do with what kind of invisible files get written.

The moment you access the card with the Finder, you are going to get a .DS_Store file written. You can see this if you put the card on a Windows machine and turn on invisible files.

If the card has JPG files and you access the card with Finder, an invisible thumbnail file will be generated for each and every JPG file that the Finder shows a thumbnail preview of. If it is also capable of showing thumbnail previews of RAF files, then invisible thumbnails will also be generated for those files.

Now some people have claimed to have no problems and some have problems, what I suspect is how the card is accessed. If the means that you use causes it to generate tons of invisible thumbnails on the card (e.g. by accessing via Finder), then this will most likely cause the X100 to slow down as it sorts through all the extras. The more JPGs there were, the more thumbnails and the longer it would take.

I don't know if directly importing from the card via Aperture or Lightroom or other software will generate thumbnails, you'd have to test for yourself and then open the card on a Windows machine that displays invisible files.

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