Shutter life/failure on the NEX's.....

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Re: Probably not

LifeIsAVerb wrote:

I believe that video exposure doesn't utilize the mechanical shutter. Exposure is entirely electronic; sensor sites turn on and off electronically. So use of the video mode is not going to have any effect on the life span of the mechanical shutter.

Also, my understanding is that in the sweep-panorama mode, it's the electronic shutter that is making most of the exposures.

You are correct with the video statement.

The mechanical shutter is the only thing that can make a shutter noise on the NEX cameras. When you hear this noise, the mechanical shutter is actuating. Panorama mode, as well as all the other modes that use rapid shutter (HHT, AMB, continuous shooting) ignore the front curtain shutter setting and default to On (electronic first curtain shutter).

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