"Cold Hard Facts"... The results of Australia's Gun Ban

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"Cold Hard Facts"... The results of Australia's Gun Ban

Australians speaking on the consequences of their governments ban on legal gun ownership.

"Warning to Americans. Don't think it cant happen to you"


"Promising safety in return for the gun ban."

"The loss of Liberty can now be measured in the loss of life.

"Armed robberies have skyrocketed up sixty nine percent"

"gun murders increased nineteen percent and a new phenomenon home invasions jump 21%

"Citizens left powerless but it's criminals who now are in in power bolden by the new gun laws because the innocent can't fight back.

Results of increased violence in Australia since the gun ban:

  • Armed Robberies UP 69%
  • Assaults With Guns UP 28%
  • Gun Murders UP 19%
  • Home Invasions a new phenomenon UP 21%

Citizens who feel safe walking outside at night:

America: 82%
Australia: 64%
UK: 70%

Citizens who believe in police efficiency:

America: 89%
Australia: 76%
UK: 72%

Assault victims:

America: 1.2%
Australia: 2.4%
UK: 2.8%

I will respond no further...

Have a nice day.

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