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Re: XE-1 users Viewfinder

Plakanina wrote:

I am a X100 newish user and love it....not to keen on the EVF though.

You have your answer there already. I have read all these threads on the EVF and comparisons to the OMD. I have an OMD here in my house but its heading back as it's dead, when it did work though I still found that I just prefer using the OVF in my X100. However the reason why is I just got used to it, the ability to see what is outside the image frame, the layout of the info and the way I have it customised to my liking, loads of little things. Honestly I would tend to use the X100's OVF 99% of the time so its simply a no brainer really, this camera has taught me a very different way of working which I am now fairly comfortable with and don't want to loose.

The only question for me going forward, and its one I am struggling with right now with my soon to be returned OMD is what do I do for all the non-normal FL stuff. UWA and telephoto over about 90mm equivalent just ain't going to work with the OVF and I just don't feel any mirrorless system right now has completely cracked the latter domain. Its lucky that the X-Pro OVF is roughly the same angle of view as the new 14mm lens so one could claim that one for almost UWA but does anyone feel either X body is going to actually live up to typical use case expectations with the 55-200 zoom? It just seems like a waste of time and money right now, better off buying a cheap DSLR and long end kit zoom for those duties.

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