Video editing, burning etc on a laptop?

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Re: It's the rendering

Multi-SportsMom wrote:

Yes my wishlist is an i7 if not an i5 quad core. 8GB RAM with 1TB hard drive. video card is a toss up, not sure how much I need a good one.

i7 if it is the quadcore version. In laptops or mobile the cpu has a QM for Quadcore Mobile at the end. If it is just an M at the end of the number, it's just a dual core. Remember, this is good for laptops. Desktop notation is different.

The HDD size is not as important. Sure, having a 750gb is nice, even nicer is 1TB, but you will notice that in laptops, the slower 5400rpm will delay your fast computer. SSD's are nice but only for getting the program and OS running. For storage, you go back to HDDs. About 4 months ago, I got a hybrid Seagate 750gb. It's the best compromise of the two. You get the size and fast program loading.The SSD component is just 8gb with the 750gb regular 7200rpm HDD.

The good news is most new laptops coming out are hybrid. And they are generous with the SSD component with 20-32gb typical. In any case, Even if I have 750gb only, or even 500gb, you'd still got to have an external storage or backup. I don't put all my finished projects in the main notebook drive. I only put the current or must finish projects. Once they are done, they are moved to the external HDD. Now you can have 1.5-2TB or more for that. Even if it is slow, it's ok. It's just there for archival.

You can also work the project and access the external HDD. I've done that in the past. Usually, the usb 2.0 can handle it. Good news is we are leaving usb 2.0 and now going to usb 3.0 so, I wouldn't worry about data choking on the cable.

As for a video card, it is not a must. But it does help if you can get an Nvidia there. It does help in the playback and most especially rendering. Even without it though, the newer Intel HD4000, I believe, is OpenCL compliant, so even if it is not as fast or good as Nvidia or AMD, it should still be useful.

Last caveat. If you haven't bought your notebook yet, then the one you will get is likely a windows 8. It is much faster in the boot and shutdown. So, that is a plus. If you miss the start menu, just get a 3rd party app to get it back. Your NLE should work with it.

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