Gun Control - Are our "babies" safe?

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Re: Name a hobby

Mark Smith wrote:

These people make me sick to the stomach, they really are sub human.

Not only you, the same here! But being German and due to our recent history I would not want to use this term "sub human".

I hope the decent people of America whose voice normally gets drowned by these fanatics can be heard and that some legislation at least against battlefield weapons gan be agreed on.

Yes, it is what we all hoped for to hear from the NRA press conference yesterday, but...!

This press conference was the very first item in our news over here yesterday, but seeing that it took them a week to only repeat once more their silly old hardliner mantra of more weapons to fight the abuse of weapons -  the entire German nation was united in shaking our heads and disapproval! Absolutely unbelievable!

And I agree, at least these battlefield weapons (we call them weapons of war, Kriegswaffen) should be banned, including their slightly modified semi versions. No hunter and no competition shooter needs these things.

But - banning a few types of weapons won't solve the US weapons problem; the main problem seems to be the easy access to weapons, combined with the weird US mindset when it comes to weapons. And as changing the mindset will take at least one or two generations, I think all what could be done now is come to some changes re easy access to weapons, something in the direction of the German Weapons Act. I posted about it yesterday:


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