Pentax Q, the 47mm GRD IV?

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Re: Pentax Q, the 47mm GRD IV?

rube39 wrote:

spacelounge wrote:

And, is there anything resembling the 'positive film' setting of the GRD 4?

No, but there are certainly a lot of filters to choose from. One of them sounds similar thougj. . .

I read that the Q has a vivid setting. I dont need vivid per se, but some slightly warmer jpegs than OOC.

I shoot in vivid, and basically you can create your on 'style' by changing the profiles on many different filters, including vivid.

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the film mode is called 'reversal film'.

looks like the pentax version of ricoh's positive film mode. exactly what im looking for. not a film like look, just nice colors.

I also have to say that in general the Q is a very exciting system. the way forward is certainly smaller sensors, not larger. this allows for smaller cameras and lenses, so more portability and hopefully lower prices (though the Q was very expensive at first).

also, the prospect of C and D mount lenses is just amazing. more so than old rangefinder lenses on a Leica or GXR, to me.

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